Why is basketball so popular?

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Basketball is so popular in my opinion because schools have dozens of basketball hoops and basketballs on their playground. That is the main sport kids grow up with, and they want to continue playing it.

The reason I think basketball is so popular is because when you go to poorer places the only sport that they really excel in is basketball because all you need is a net and a ball, it pretty cheap compared to, hockey for example./ Hockey you need to buy equipement and a stick, that can cost 100s and 100s of dollars. It's also so popular because, in my opinion it is a very exciting and easy sport to play even you only know how to dribble the ball.

To me Basketball is so popular because you play your own game, its very fair, the rules a simple enough, you need to be very fit for it because i reckon you do twice as much running in basketball than football. it was also made to suit every type of person you can have the short fast guards of the tall strong posts it is so popular because you can play anytime of the year. you dont have to spend 1000s on equipment or gear. it is easy to teach and you could probably find a court team or club in a alot of areas you go to.

u only need a ball and net. You can play inside or outside at anytime of year. Can excel if you try hard. Fun to play.

Basketball is popular because there is so many different aspects and so many different things going into it.

I think basketball is so popular because it is very fastpaced and its not very hard to get a game going because you can play 1 on 1, 2 on 2 etc. other than football or Baseball that takes much more people.

Its mainstream. And a worldwide sport.

It is good exerciseecause u run alot.

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Q: Why is basketball so popular?
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