Why is basketball so important?

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because it provides entertainment for the people who are actually good at it

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Q: Why is basketball so important?
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Why is teamwork so important in basketball?

bcuz it is

What do grant hill do in basketball that was so important?

He do the basketball playing. He do the dribble, he do the pass, he do the shoot, and he do the defense.

Why are legs so important for basketball?

it is important because it helps you shoot a ball in the hoop

Are there symbols in a basketball game and what are they?

yes there is and they're not important so i wont tell u

Why is study important to you than to play basketball?

Because there are millions of Jobs out there but only thousands of Basketball players or trainers who can life with playing Basketball. So study is important because you need a good Basic, if you get hurt or have an injury and can´t play Basketball anymore you need a plan b.

Why is it important to use your finger pads in basketball?

So you won't brake your hand' finger, ect.

Why is basketball so important to the world?

well it's a fun game to watch and play so many people like it!

What is the simple subject in sentence basketball is an important sport in the US?


Why are team members important in basketball?

team members are important in basketball because how can a basketball game be played without any players and that players are the team members

Why is soccer so important to Spain?

Because is as important as baseball and basketball for Americans. There is only one main sport in most of Europe: Soccer.

Is basketball important?

Yes, basketball is important. Basketball is important for several reasons. It brings people together as a cultural event. It also provides jobs for the players and those involved with managing the team, arena, and concessions at the basketball games. It also is a good form of exercise.

Why was Babe Didrickson Zaharias so important to Texas?

Babe Didrickson Zaharias was so important because she gained world fame in track and fieeld and All-American status in basketball.

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