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It is the greatest sport ever invented and it should be the most popular sport in every country.

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Baseball is not popular in Mexico soccer is.

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Q: Why is baseball so popular in Mexico?
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Second most popular sport in Mexico?


In what Mexican country is baseball popular?

This question does not make sense. Baseball is popular in Mexico, which is a country unto itself.

Do they play professional baseball in Mexico?

Yes, but its not a popular sport in mexico just yet because it hasnt been that long that they actually started playing baseball

Is soccer poular in Mexico?

soccer is the most popular game in the world so its popular in Mexico but not as much as in engliand,Brazil etc

Why are tacos so popular in Mexico?

Because it's there traditional food.

Why was baseball so popular in the 1930s?

because it was!

What is Mexico's most liked sport?

Soccer, followed by baseball and basketball. "Lucha libre" wrestling is also popular.

What is the most popular dessert in Mexico?

Flan is the most popular dessert in Mexico.

Is Justin Bieber popular in Mexico?

yes Justin bieber is popular in Mexico.

How popular is bullfighting?

Its popular in Mexico

Does Mexico play baseball?

I think so..maybe.. Soccer is big there.

What are some popular sports in Mexico?

one popular sport in Mexico is soccer.