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Hockey equipment is like any other manufactured product. Manufacturers have to factor in their overhead ( salaries, maintenance, cost of materials etc) and then sell their products at a price that will make them a profit. Also, manufacturers charge what they think the market will bear and as long as people are willing to pay these high prices the cost of equioment will remain high.

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If you are planning on playing hockey in the future, you need the right equipment to keep you safe while playing. There are many factors that you need to consider before purchasing any equipment for yourself or your child who may be playing youth hockey.

Make Sure Your Equipment Feels Right

You want your pads to protect your body properly. This means that your chest protector should not be drooping to your stomach and your shin and knee pads should fit snugly on your shins and knees. Get a proper fitting before your purchase any equipment because it won't protect you if it is the wrong size.

Get Reviews Before Purchasing Any Specific Brand Of Equipment

Just because Nike makes hockey skates does not mean that they are good skates. If you are not familiar with the quality brands of hockey equipment, you should ask around before making any purchases. There is a good chance that another hockey mom, hockey player or employee at the local sporting goods store will have a good idea of what brands are worth spending money on.

Don't Buy Something Because It Looks Good

Looks don't matter when it comes to your sporting goods. All that matters is that your equipment will do the job that it was created to do. Therefore, don't buy a hockey mask because it has a cool paint job. Instead, buy a hockey mask that will protect your from flying sticks, pucks and elbows. Although this may seem obvious, too many people want to look cool instead of being protected on the ice.

Hockey is a great sport that is a lot of fun to play. However, you need to make sure that you are buying equipment that will protect you while you are playing. If you buy inadequate equipment, you risk injury that will keep you off the ice for a long time.

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you aren't shopping in the right places. Call XO Sports. XO is a team wholesale supplier. Great staff, national distribution, and GREAT PRiCES!

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well i think dont think where i live they are any more expensive than all the other sports!

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Q: Why is baseball equipment too expensive?
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