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It began in Italy during the Renaissance and when Catherine de Medici married the French King she introduced it to the court life in France.

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Q: Why is ballet so popular in France?
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Why was ballet so popular in France?

because that's wher ballet started

Was ballet from France?

No, it originally started in Italy, but ballet moves names are French, because it was so popular there.

Where is Ballet popular?

Ballet is popular all over the world though it originated in France. There are many very famous companies all over the world such as The school of American ballet, Kirov, the royal ballet school, so on.

Who made dancing popular?

Ballet became really popular in France in the 1700's and up!

When did ballet become popular?

When it moved to france, about 100 years after if originated :) xoxo

Where has ballet as an art form historically been most popular?

Russia and France

Where is Ballet most popular now?

EVERYWHERE!!! yes now it is popular everywhere. It however is historically most popular in Russia and France.

How did Russia find ballet?

Ballet started in Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries and then spread to France. It became popular when the French king married Catherine Medici in 1533. In the 1880's Ballet was very popular in Russia.

Why is the terminology of ballet in french?

ballet was originated in France so all the steps and things are in their language (french)

Is ballet popular now?

yes! ballet is definitely still popular if you're thinking about trying it go for it! if ballet wasn't popular anymore, why do a lot of people still dance it? so, once again, yes.

Why are ballet words in French?

Many people believe ballet started in France but ballet was created in Italy during the Renaissance. It later spread to France during Luis XIV's time and became extremely popular. That's where they got the words for the different movements.

Where did the ballet dance originates?

Ballet originated in France.

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