Why is albert pujols so good at baseball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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he is famous because he was the fastest player to ever reach 350 homeruns

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331 life time

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Because he's from the DR.

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Q: Why is albert pujols so good at baseball?
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Is albert pujols married?

Maybe but he has a wife so probably not

Is Albert Pujols Republican?

yes he is

Who is better albert pujols or ichiro?

Alber is a starting allstar ichiro doesn't even make as much as him. AP is leading the MLB in Homers. I mean come on! are you really thinking that ichiro is better?

What is so interesting about Albert Pujols?

His batting average is .331. His career homeruns are 401.

How many grand slams does albert pujols have?

As of 04AUG09, Albert Pujols has 11 career grand slams. That is the most by any St. Louis Cardinal in history. So far, he has 5 grand slams in the 2009 season.

Who is the best baseball player on the cardinals?

These are the five highest paid Cardinals as of August 2007 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals $ 12,937,813 Scott Rolen St. Louis Cardinals $ 12,311,637 Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals $ 9,562,540 Jason Isringhausen St. Louis Cardinals $ 8,750,000 Chris Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals $ 8,500,000

Albert pujols going to be mvp?

well duh. albert pujols practically wins the mvp award. his only competition ever is Ryan howard who hits like .250 every season. albert pujols in my opinion is a lot stronger too. so never ask that question again, he always wins. of course that's your opinion. Prince fielder should be because he got 141 rbi's (tied with Ryan Howard) and 45 homeruns(1 less then albert!) Albert's other competition is Fielder, he had his (i think third straight season getting 100 RBI's and 40 Homeruns. So in my opinion i think these should be the candidates for the mvp award: Albert Pujols Ryan Howard Prince Fielder.

What is the carrer batting average of Albert Pujols in the all-star game?

He had 6 hits out of 19 at bats so it would be 316

How many years did First Baseman Albert Pujols played in mlb?

Abert Pujols made his Major League debut with the St. Louis Cardinals on April 2, 2001.

Who is the most popular baseball player now?

This is an opinion question...with so many questionable players in the game, there are few positive role models left. Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, and Ichiro Suzuki are extremely popular.

Albert Pujols was born January 16 1980 So now he is around 27 years of age?

Yes because if you subtaract 2007 from 1980 you will receive the answer 27.

Where did Albert pujols live when he was a child?

Albert Pujols's parents got divorced when he was young so he never knew who is mother was. His father, Bienvenido, was a baseball player but he was also an alcoholic and many nights Albert would have to carry his drunk, unconscious father back to their small house. Awww. :(