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Agility in tennis is used to move quickly and change direction according to where the ball is landing in your court.

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Q: Why is agility important in tennis?
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What do do you need agility in?

you need agility in tennis trampolining ect

Why is agility important in basketball?

Agility is important is any kind of sport

Do you need agility for tennis?

yes, you do need an agility training skills for the sports, tenni because you will be requiring the quikeness of your body movement during the play as where th tennis ball comes from.... -__-

How can agility improve a tennis player's performance?

If the opponent hits a slice then you would need agility to hit the ball back.

What sport would you need the skill of agility in?

Soccer, Hockey, Tennis

What components of fitness must you have for tennis?

you must have agility, speed and power.

Strengths in tennis?

Speed, Agility, Talent, being named Federer

Advantages of playing table tennis?

Improves hand-eye coordination and agility

Why is agility important in dance?

Agility is important in dance because a dancer needs to be able to interact with other dancers. This agility will make formations look very smooth.

Why is agility important?

agility is important because you could use it at any time of your life and it would be a nice skill to develop

What components of fitness do you need for tennis?

The components of tennis required are aerobic fitness, flexibilty, strength and power, speed, agility and low body fat. Aerobic fitness and flexibility are needed for the specific movements that tennis requires. Strength and power are important for the intense physical demand of the sport. Agility and low body fat are vital for easy movement around the court and for the ability to change direction quickly.

Why in football its important to have a agility?

because it is important for footballers to have the strength

Why is agility important in badminton?

Agility is important in badminton because when you fail a shot you have to pick the shuttlecock back up off the floor.

How does agility help you in tennis?

Mason chaplin is a melt with a sweaty nose and is called a sea turtle

Why Agility is important in boxing?

because you have to move and be agile

What are the health and physical benefits of playing tennis?

Physical exercise is important for good health, and TENNIS has specific health benefits for both the body and mind, which gives it an edge over many other types of physical activity. Recreational tennis has health benefits for the cardiovascular system, the muscles, bones, agility levels and more. In addition, tennis is a fun activity that reduces stress.

Why is agility important for trampolining?

else u r bad

What is a good warm up for tennis?

Jump Rope for 5 minutes, agility exercises, warm up your arms and stretch.

Why is agility important in gymnastics?

agility is very important in gymnastics because with floor routines you need to be able to change direction under controle as a slip up could cost you the competition

Why is agility important in football?

Agility is important in touch football because you need to be able to maneuver around other players. The players will create tight spaces you have to move around in on the field.

What are the physical benefits of playing table tennis?

Physial benefits of playing table tennis are : it increases your agility and reflexes way. Also, your foot work works rapidly, which is essential for gastrocnemius and foot.

Why is agility important in touch football?

Agility is important in touch football because you need to be able to maneuver around other players. The players will create tight spaces you have to move around in on the field.

Why is agility needed in soccer?

Agility is very important in a game of soccer. It allows players to be quick with and without the ball and have the endurance to play hard for long periods of time. A team that does regular agility training has a much quicker pace of play the a team that lacks agility.

What skill related component is important for a tennis player?

The serve and groundstroke are the most important skills to a tennis player

What is the most important tennis tournament of the year?

Wimbledon is generally considered the most important tennis tournament of the year.