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Agility is important is any kind of sport

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Q: Why is agility important in basketball?
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Does basketball need agility?


What are ten standards for basketball?

agility speed

What is the noun of agility?

The noun agility is a singular, common, abstract noun. Example sentence: His agility made him a standout on the basketball team.

What sports use agility?

Football, basketball, soccer.

Why do you need agility for Basketball?

To get down the court quickly

Why is agility important in sport?

Well, most sports need agility to win. If you're playing soccer, agility is needed to get to the ball first, or when you're playing football, if you're the QB or RB, you need that agility to run that football down to the in zone. And with basketball, it takes more than just agility. You also need to have coordination with the basketball so that when you're running down the court, you don't lose the ball right out of your hand. I hope this answer helped. Sincerly, ID

What are the three main fitness components of basketball?

speed, Agility and power

Why would a basketball player need agility?

If you want to get around your defender you'll need to use AGILITY to do that. If you want stay with your opponent when your on defense, you'll need agility to stay with him

Why is agility important in dance?

Agility is important in dance because a dancer needs to be able to interact with other dancers. This agility will make formations look very smooth.

Why is agility important?

agility is important because you could use it at any time of your life and it would be a nice skill to develop

Why in football its important to have a agility?

because it is important for footballers to have the strength

Why is agility important in badminton?

Agility is important in badminton because when you fail a shot you have to pick the shuttlecock back up off the floor.

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