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I'm from Chicago, and have heard this term for over 25 years. We called it a crip' when I was young because 'anybody' should be able to make one; even a crippled person. Hence the term crip', and in no way a shot at those persons who are handicapped.

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Same. I'm from the Chi as well, we called layups crip shots.

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Q: Why is a layup in basketball called a crip shot?
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What is the most accurate shot in basketball?


What's the most common shot in basketball?

The most common shot in basketball is a layup.

Which shot is mostly taken on the run in basketball?

a layup.

What shot is the safest shot in basketball?

Bank Shot

What is the most basic shot in basketball using the backboard?


Is it easier to shot with a 2.58 basketball or a 7.5 basketball?

It depends on where you are shooting from. if its in a layup u can use both, it also depends and what size you are. my opinion is 7.5

When do you use a layup in basketball?

a layup is a shot made right beside the basket. It is usually a running shot that is quickly released and banked off the backboard. It is used because it is a high percentage shot and it is an easy way to score when running toward the goal without having to slow down and shoot.

A shot near the basket off the backboard is a what shoot?

A layup.

What is a lay up in basketball?

is a two-point shot attempt made by leaping from below, laying the ball up near the basket, and using one hand to bounce it off the backboard and into the basket. The motion and one-handed reach distinguish it from a jump shot. The layup is considered the most basic shot in basketball. When doing a layup, the player lifts the outside foot, or the foot away from the basket.

Is Eric a crip?

Yes Eric is a Crip...or was a Crip....he got shot by the Bloods.

How far is a layup from the basket?

A layup is when you are very close to the basket when you shoot the ball. I would say a player would be 3 feet or less from the basket when they shot a layup.

What are the official types of shots involved in basketball?

The official types of shots involved in basketball are the mid-range shot, the layup, the three-pointer, the dunk, the alley-oop, the free-throw, and the half-court shot. Those are the official shots, but there are some other slang terms.