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You can not say that, as it is matter of opinion, but he is indeed goodand has a desire to score goals.

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Q: Why is Wayne Rooney the worlds best football player?
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What inpired Wayne Rooney to start football?

Wayne Rooney's favourite player as a child was Duncan Ferguson

Who is the richest football player in England?

wayne rooney

Who is England star player at football?

Wayne Rooney

Who is Lil Wayne to Wayne Rooney?

Lil Wayne is a famous singer and Wayne Rooney is a famous football player who plays in Manchester united

Who will be the best football player in year 2010?

Wayne Rooney

Which English Football player has the nickname Shrek?

Wayne Rooney

Is the band Rooney named after Sir Wayne Rooney the soccer or futbol player He is my uncle he has been knighted so get at me?

No. There is no football player named Wayne Rooney who has been knighted

Who is the best football player in Chile?

the best player from the football team Chile is Wayne Rooney

Has Wayne Rooney ever smoked?

Of course he doesn't, he's a football player.

Who is the most paid football player in 2011?

carlos teves and wayne rooney

Who is the best football player in the premier league?

Wayne Rooney has most medals

What does Wayne Rooney?