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Cause you are a moron

It "controls" the undertaker NOT because your a moron

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Because paul bearer's urn contains all of undertaker's powers and when the light from the urn sees undertaker , it stops all of undertaker's powers and make him weak

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It is part of his character.

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Q: Why is Undertaker scared of Paul Bearer's urn?
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What is the story of paul bearers urn?

its undertankers power

Did paul berrer control the undertaker?

no the urn dose

Why does paul bearer carry an urn?

It contains Undertaker and Kane's power

What is in The Undertaker's urn and why is it so special?

The Urn was important to the Undertaker because it has his mothers ashes

Why is paul bearer carrying a urn?

It is the source of The Undertaker's powers. Rumor has it that the Urn contains the ashes of the Deadman himself. But is the WWE and that is just made up.

What happened to undertaker's urn?

when khali beat him

Did undertaker won in hell in a cell againts Kane?

No he was betrayed by Paul Bearer after chanting some incantation over the urn then hitting in the head with it, giving pain the win

When did the undertakers urn come into play and what exactly does it do?

it soposadly controls the real undertaker

Who controlled The Undertakers urn?

paul bearer

What is in the undertakers urn?

Nobody knows what is "in" the urn but everybody know that it is a gold urn that can control the undertaker in any action or move and it was melted by a black guy (I don't remember his name) to make a gold necklace or a gold medal. Here are the top 10 things that were in the urn prior to it's disappearance 10. Paul Bearer's Makeup Bag 9. Sunny's Underwear 8. The People's Eyebrow 7. A personality for Bradshaw 6. Val Venis's Career 5. Vince McMahon's toupee 4. Cheeseburgers for Paul Bearer 3. the Godfather's Antibiotics 2. Stone Cold's Can of Whoop Ass 1. Mankind's Missing Ear

Will undertaker and his urn and paulbearer be on smackdown vs raw 2012 game?

Yes, I think so. Undertaker recently returned to WWE, and I think he will stay until SVR 2012 comes out.

Is undertaker afraid of urn?

no,he is not afraid of it if he was then he would keep it with him all time when he enters the match just like pual bearer did