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Because The game is build for them ! Because they are normally big and strong and fast like all the pacific islanders thy all play Rugby as well

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Q: Why is Samoas national sport rugby union?
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What is Samoa national sport?

Rugby Union without a doubt

Why rugby union is New Zealand's national sport?

Rugby Union is New Zealand's national sport because the All Blacks are winner's and they make NZ proud.

Who are the All Blacks and what sport do they play?

The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

Why were the American rugby team called the eagles?

USA Rugby's men's national rugby union team, nicknamed the Eagles, represents the United States in the sport of rugby union.

Does Poland have rugby?

Rugby is not a very popular sport in Poland, but it does have a Rugby team.Its called Poland national rugby union team (Polski ZwiÄ…zek Rugby)

What sport is Georgia's national sport?

The most celebrated sport in Georgia is basketball. The other most popular sports in Georgia includes weightlifting, judo, wrestling, rugby union, and football.

What is the slang name for the Australian wallaby's rugby union sport?

what is the slang name for the Australian wallabys rugby union sport

What sport do you get points for a Try?

You get points for a try in the sport of rugby league and rugby union football.

When was Scotland national rugby union team created?

Scotland national rugby union team was created in 1871.

What sport does the New Zealand All Blacks play?

The 'All Blacks' play rugby. It is the nickname used by the New Zealand men's national rugby union team.

In which sport does England play Scotland for the Calcutta Cup?

It is the sport of rugby. The Calcutta Cup is a rugby union trophy.

What country has rugby as their national sport?

Rugby is not the national sport of any country in law, but it is considered to be the national sport, 'de facto', of Wales and New Zealand.