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he is just a kind and nice person

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Q: Why is Ryan miller a good person to society?
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Was Captain miller in Saving Private Ryan a good leader?

In my opinion yes

What did Captain Miller say to Private Ryan at the end of the movie?

Captain Miller said "Earn this" to Private Ryan, meaning for Private Ryan to live a good and productive life given that six of the eight men, including Captain Miller, died so that he may live.

What is the meaning of non affected person?

its a person that doesnt play i good part in society

Who are the young girls at the start of saving private Ryan?

Though it was not stated, the young girls with Retired Private Ryan and Ryan's wife in the opening scene were their grandchildren. His child with the spouse and their young girls were shown as detail to answer the question, "have I lived a good life", good, meaning moral and upstanding, enough to warrant Captain Miller's sacrifice.

What improvements contributed in Filipino society?

for being a good person for my fellow filipino

What does your society consider beauty?

Beauty is where a person looks good to another human

Do you consider yourself an asset to society?

I do not consider my self an asset to society. I am a good, smart, friendly and strong willed person.

Who is the good person living in the good society?

Plants, trees, or may be animals. Plants, trees, or may be animals.

How does the Vedas get treated?

Vedas teach people how to be good person to society in a spiritual way

What is the effect of vandalism in our society?

it destroy the society. its make dages over the society, by seeing these vandals other poeple will do the same like this the society will spoil. vandalizing in the society also reflect on person's behaiveour so it could change the person from good to bad and from bad to very bad.

Who should decide whether someone who has a physical disability will have a good quality of life?

The disabled person; the society should help the person to lead a good life.

Does society change a person in a bad way?

Firstly, good and bad are relative to every individual. Secondly, society can change people in either good, bad or neutral ways.

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