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he has played with clay since a little kid. his passion for everything clay transfers to his greatness on clay courts.

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Q: Why is Rafael Nadal so good on clay?
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What are Rafael nadal's likes and dislikes?

rafael nadal likes chocolate ice-cream and so do i ^_^ lol

Is Rafael Nadal Connected to nadal winery?

yes, in fact, thats why he looks so drunk when he plays.

Does Rafael Nadal drink?

No! because he is a sportsmen not healthy for him to o so

What is meaning of 'Vamos Rafael Nadal'?

"Vamos" in Spanish means "Let's go"... So "Vamos, Rafael" means "Let's go, Rafael."

What is meaning of 'Vamos Rafael Nadal?

"Vamos" in Spanish means "Let's go"... So "Vamos, Rafael" means "Let's go, Rafael."

How much is Rafael Nadal worth?

He has so far grossed up to £36million

Who is a greater player of tennis Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?

As of May 2009, the ATP points leader is Rafael Nadal (i.e., he is ranked #1), so he is currently the greater player.

Has Rafael Nadal won grand slams?

Oh yes he haswon 8 grand slams so far.

Does Rafael Nadal have a sister and if so how old is she?

He has younger sister but i don't know how old is she. She's 19 in 2010

Can Rafael Nadal read and write?

Just because Rafael Nadal didn't go to school, that so doesn't meen he can't read and write. Think of the amount of letters he will have received from the tennis union and he has to read them.. and the amount of times he will sign a contract or a certificate. So yes he can read & write.

When did Rafael Nadal start to play?

I don't know exactly when he started to play although I think that he was about 6-7 and he started playing at his local tennis courts, in Mannacor in Spain. The courts there are all clay so that is what he likes playing on the most.

Who does Rafael Nadal play for?

Born in Madrid, Spain, plays men's singles tennis, so does not play on a specific team.

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