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he is in Video Games because he is one of the top nba players

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Q: Why is Michael Jordan in video games?
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Why is Michael Jordan not in recent video games?

Michael Jordan is not in recent video games because Michael Jordan wants the video game company to pay him more money that they don't want to pay. This is the same with Charles Barkley.

How many video games have Michael Jordan been in?

1 Jordan vs Bird on the nes in 1989

Why isn't michael jordan in video games?

i don't know that's weired

Which NBA Live games are Michael Jordan on?

Jordan isn't on any NBA Live or 2k9 video games. You usually have to create him.

When was Michael Jordan on a video game?

In most NBA games, you can still use Jordan, even though he stopped playing.

What video game is Michael Jordan in?

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. This is an old Super Nintendo game. I don't know if Jordan has ever been in any other games.

Was Michael Jordan on a video game?

no , and he never will be!

How many games have the Bulls won with Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan won 16 games with the Chicago bulls

Is there a video of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller fighting?

# # #

What superstar athlete appeared in Michael Jackson's video for Jam?

Michael Jordan

When was Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson in a commercial together?

They were never in a commercial together, Michael Jordan appeared in the music video for the song Jam.

Has Michael Jordan ever fouled out?

Yes, Michael Jordan has fouled out of at least 10 games.

Was Michael Jordan ever on any 2k sports game?

no, he's a trademark and can't be put on any video games

What is the song in Michael Jordan flying video?

I Bielive I can Fly

How many 50 point game did Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan scored 34 50-point games

What sneakers did Michael Jordan wear during the 96 olympic games?

Michael Jordan did not compete in the 96 olympic games. He was retired from basketball at this time.

How many games did Michael Jordan play?


What is Michael Jordan mostly remembered by?

basketball games

Where did Michael Jordan make his dunks?

Michael Jordan made his slam dunks on the basketball court during basketball games.

How can you play with Jordan by NBA 2k9 PS3?

You cant play with Michael Jordan in any recent video games. This is mainly because he wants the video game company to pay him more than they want to. The same reason is for C. Barkley.

Why isn't Michael Jordan in any video games?

i think it was that he wanted to be payed for it and the company wouldn't pay him that's what i think but im not really sure

How do you create Michael Jordan on nba2k games on ps2?

You have to beat him!

How many playoff games did Michael Jordan win?


How many games did Michael Jordan miss in his career?


How many playoff games did Michael Jordan play?