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because London is a great country.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

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Who ended the ancient olympic games

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Q: Why is London such a great place to hold the olympic games?
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Where the Olympic games take place?

in london arena

Where did the opening ceremony of the 2012 olympic games take place?

The olympic stadium in the City of London

What event is first to take place at the London Olympic games?


Where does the next olympic games take place?

Stratford, London, 2012

Where and what year will the next Olympic games take place?

London 2012

What dates are the olympic games taking place in london?

July 27

When London Olympic Games are going are to take place?

In the year 2012

Who hosted the 1908 Olympic games?

1908 and 1948 London Olympic Games - Historically the UK has hosted the Olympic Games twice. The fist time was the 1908 London Olympic GamesThere were no Olympics in 2006. They take place every 4 years.

Why is London a good place to host the olympic games?

i need the answer There are good facilities and arenas in East London so that is the answer.

What time is London's Olympic opening ceremony?

The London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony took place at 9pm GMT on Friday 27 July 2012.

What has improved in the since the last Olympic games took place in Great Britain?

Well the last London Olympic where in 1948 ( or somewhere around that time) there are a lot of new events and sports... Triathlon, basketball, baseball( temporarily)

Where is place 2012 Olympic?