Why is Liverpool so bad?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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As we can see, there are way too many questions about the club. Kenny Dalglish is right; there is a lot to be pleased about at Liverpool. The burden of debt has gone, the new owners seem to have their heart and head in the right place, the kids are doing well as was shown in the next gen series, shirt sponsorship deals are at record breaking levels, but the fact remains, a football club will always be judged by results and the league form has not been good enough. Changing the manager will not help necessarily but at the same time, pressure needs to be put on the current managerial and playing staff to get things right. Let us not forget that this is a club steeped in glory and now, with financial fair play coming in, it really is not the time to turn to mid table mediocrity. The positives are that the squad is still young and can improve; the irritating thing is no one is quite sure what needs to be done. As such, there are times where you have to be decisive and this is the case at Liverpool. As ever, nothing will ever surprise us in football, but be assured, there are some twists and turns to come.

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now they are a mess they are rubbish

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Q: Why is Liverpool so bad?
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