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Because he broke the color barrior in Major League Baseball, becoming the first African American player in the MLB.

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Q: Why is Jackie Robinson brave?
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What are 4 adjectives to describe Jackie Robinson?

brave fearless helpfull caring

Why was Jackie Robinson brave?

jackie robinson was brave because he went threw the racism that was going on and that the whites didn't want him to play baseball pit he still stood there like nothing and he became a famous baseball player

What are some traits of Jackie Robinson?

brave, strong, athletic, AWESOME

Did Jackie Robinson take a stand?

yes he took a stand by being brave when the fans were threating him

Who said Life is not a spectator sport?

It's Jackie Robinson Quotes. The full sentence is: "Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion, you're wasting your life.โ€

Who is robinson jackie?

jackie robinson

Where did Jackie Robinson's wife live?

Jackie Robinson actually lives in LA. Jackie Robinson's wife is very active!

Who are Jackie Robinson's kid's children?

Jackie Robinson has three kids, two sons and a daughter. They are Jackie Robinson Jr, Sharon Robinson and David Robinson.

Who was Jackie Robinson's mom?

Jackie Robinson's mother was Mallie Robinson.

What race is Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was a Bahamian.

Did Jackie Robinson have a dog?

Jackie Robinson did have a dog its name was fluffy

What pet did Jackie Robinson have?

a dog if you think Jackie Robinson is a good football player, there is a book called "In The Year Of The Boar And Jackie Robinson.

What is Jackie Robinson's mothers name?

The name of Jackie Robinson's mother was Mallie Robinson.

When did Jackie Robinson's mom die?

Jackie Robinson's mother, Mallie, died in 1968. His son, Jackie Robinson Jr., died in 1971, and Jackie Robinson himself died in 1972 at the age of 53.

Is Jackie Robinson brave?

Jackie Robinson was BRAVE I read a book of it but he died in 1972 I'm so sad I'm like his color but much lighter and I'm sad when Jackie and his son died so ya and I'm 9 just believe me and if your my age or higher I'm not a nerd so I get c b a f and d on my papers at school so ya that's your answer the parts of me I just wanna ask u and I'm a girl

Does Jackie Robinson have any grandkids?

no jackie robinson has no grandkids.

What team Jackie Robinson played for?

what was jackie robinson's childhood

What were the characteristics of Jackie Robinson?

What was some of Jackie Robinson Characteristics

Why was Jackie Robinson named Jackie?

His real name is Jackson Robinson Jackie was his nick name

Is nate Robinson Jackie Robinson?


Was Jackie Robinson married?

Yes he was married. Jackie Robinson's wife's name was Rachel Robinson

What was Jackie robisons chirldren names?

Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon Robinson, David Robinson

Acrostic poem about Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson is the best baseball player in the whole Pittsburgh pirates team go Jackie Robinson

Did Jackie Rachel Robinson have children?

Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson had three children. Their names were Jackie, Jr., who died before Jackie in 1971, Sharon and David.

What were Jackie Robinson's hobbies?

Jackie Robinson's were sports.just all sports!