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Coordination is one of the components of fitness that is needed in football. Coordinationis the ability to use the sense and body parts in order to perform an act accurately. This is probably the most important component of fitness. If you are not good at it, this mean that you wouldn't be able to do the simple skills such as passing the ball, dribbling or shooting.

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Because... You need 2 be able 2 kick the ball

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because ..

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Q: Why is Coordination needed in football?
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Why coordination is good for boxing?

Coordination is needed in MOST sports!

How do you use coordination in football?

Co-ordination in football Co-ordination in football

Why do football players need coordination?

Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accuratley. football players need coordination to be able to aim and kick the ball into the goal.

What fitness components are needed in goalkeeper football?

Coordination, reaction time, muscular strength, speed and balance. Hope it helps!

What can you do to be the best football player?

have good hand coordination

Why is coordination needed?

so you dont get owned!

Why do you need coordination to play English football?

it depends on what your best at. I mean, i LOVE football but i can't throw good. so my thing is wide receiver. for that job you, you need to catch LONG throws. but for quarterback, you need to be able to throw LONG or GOOD. you cant just throw some nerd who cant play on the field and expect him to make a touchdown if he cant see the ball coming when it's right in FRONT of him! LOL

What fitness components are needed in snooker?

Coordination is needed in Snooker. flexability, balance and power are also slightly used

Is balance needed in football?


What is the least amount of officials needed at a football game?

In football (soccer) it is 4

What are the sports that uses coordination?

They all do. In fact, a person can't move without neuromuscular coordination.

Why is coordination used in sport?

You need it in gymnastics, soccer, Basketball, and football. those are the main ones that you need good cordination in.. ping pong to!