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Because it has a huge hill and is great to ski!! I love going to ski there!! <33

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โˆ™ 2009-05-27 14:52:50
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Q: Why is Colorado the best downhill skiing?
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Where would you go downhill skiing Missouri or Colorado?


Where would you go downhill skiing?


Where would you most likely go spend your holiday downhill skiing Missouri Colorado Texas?

downhill skiing

Why would you spend your holiday downhill skiing in Colorado?

If I went skiing I would go to Colorado,because it has slopes and mountains.

Where would you go to go holiday skiing downhill Missouri Colorado Texas?


Where would you go downhill skiing Missouri Colorado or Texas?

colorado because it has more mountains

Where would you be most likely to spend your holiday downhill skiing in Missouri Colorado or Texas?

colorado mainly cuz it is the coldest out of the three

How is agility used in downhill skiing?

The need for agility in downhill skiing is essential. The quick turning and adjusting in downhill skiing requires great agility.

Where would you most likely go to spend the Holiday downhill skiing Missouri Colorado or Texas Why?

Colorado, because in Colorado there are colder temperatures and more mountains.

How is downhill skiing judged?

Downhill skiing is not judged. Downhill is based purely on time, like NASCAR or track.

Where can someone go alpine skiing?

One can go alpine skiing anywhere with a steep downhill slope such as the mountains in Denver, Colorado or Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Alpine Skiing can pretty much be done anywhere with a steep hill.

Why is downhill skiing the most expensive skiing?

Downhill skiing. Is the most expensive skiing because it requires polls it requires a tall mountain

What is the difference between cross country skiing and downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing won't make you die of heart failure.

Which country is the best in skiing?

Cross-country: Norway Downhill: Austria

Which country is the best at skiing?

Downhill: Austria Cross-country: Norway

You are looking for a word where skiing begins with down?

'downhill'While it may seem obvious that all skiing would be downhill, nevertheless there is a sporting race in skiing that is specifically called 'downhill' skiing, or the 'downhill' event. This race has very few turns, as opposed to the skiing 'slalom' event, which is also downhill, but has a zigzag course with many turns.

What resort is best for Colorado skiing?

A resort that is considered the best for Colorado skiing is Beaver Creek Resort. The Beaver Creek Resort is a regular host of world cup skiing events.

What is another name for Alpine skiing?

downhill skiing

Is nordic downhill skiing?

No, nordic skiing is same as cross-country skiing.

Where is the best skiing area Texas Colorado or Missouri?

The answer would be Colorado because it is cold in Colorado.

Is alpine skiing the same as downhill skiing?

Yes it absolutely is!

What is faster running downhill or skiing downhill?

skiing downhill is much faster. An pro skiier will achieve speeds of up to 80mph on a typical downhill course. The current downhill ski record stands at just over 151mph

Is cross country skiing downhill?


Would you most likely go to Missouri or Colorado to spend your holiday downhill skiing?

Colorado. Because it is the coldest place to go!! Hope this helped

How is skiing good for you?

It depends what kind.....Cross-country skiing at a good pace (generally on a rolling hills terrain to very hilly) is proven to be the best sport for you. Skate-skiing works nearly every muscle!! Downhill skiing on the other hand is a leisurely and pointless sport if you are looking to get fit!!! Downhill skiing is not bad for you(but you could injure yourself)