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Q: Why is Archie manning not in the NFL hall of fame?
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Was Archie Manning inducted in the hall of fame?

No, Archie Manning is not in the Professional Football Hall of Fame. A college football star at Ole Miss, Manning was drafted 2nd overall by the New Orleans Saints in the 1971 NFL draft. Manning would play ten seasons for the Saints, and while his stats do not appear impressive, he was one of the most consistent starting quarterbacks in the NFL for over a decade. Since Archie left the Saints in 1982, the team has never let another player wear his #8 jersey. Archie would finish his career after spending two seasons with the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings.

What position did Archie manning play in the NFL?

Archie manning played Quarter back for the saints

Are Eli Manning and Peyton Manning brothers?

Yes, Eli and Peyton Manning are brothers. Their father is College Football Hall of Fame quarterback Archie Manning. ------------------- Their brother Cooper, also played football. He was the best high school wide receiver of his time. Unfortunately, he took a career ending injury in college.

Why is Archie Griffin not in the NFL hall of fame?

He did not have a standout career in the NFL - only 2808 yards and 7 touchdowns over 7 years

What was Peyton Manning's father job?

Archie Manning The old legendary QB of New Orleans

Which current NFL players are sons of former NFL players?

Peyton Manning and Eli Mannng are the sons of former QB Archie Manning.

Is ladanian tomlinson a hall of fame RB?

No, he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Who are Hall of fame broadcasters in NFL hall of fame?

howard cosell

Who is in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Sam Huff. How much money does a nfl player get when they are induced into the hall of fame?

What was Archie Manning's NFL salary?

He was the top paid player in the NFL in 1981 at $600,000.

Who was selected first choice by the San Diego Chargers in the 2004 NFL Draft?

Eli Manning is the son of NFL great Archie Manning.

When was William Perry inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

Perry is not in the Hall of Fame.