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because the size of the numbers are set

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Q: Why is 99 the biggest number on a jersey in the NFL?
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What NFL jersey numbers haven't been used?

Every number from 1 to 99 has been used as a NFL jersey number at one time or another. The numbers 100 and above have never been used.

Who wore number 99 for the tigers?

There is no #99 jersey

What were sourav ganguly's jersey number?


What is the biggest two digit number?


What is the biggest 2 digit number?


What is the highest soccer number?

If you mean jersey number, then the highest number is 99.

What is Adam Gilchrist's jersey number?

The jersey number of Adam Gilchrist is 99, becasue he believed this number is his lucky number.

The smallest two digits number plus the biggest two digits number is?

The smallest two digit number is 00 (a number used as a wire gauge) and the biggest is 99, so the sum of the biggest and smallest 2-digits numbers is 99 (99 + 00).

What was Wayne Gretzky's jersey number?

#99. When he retired, the National Hockey League retired his number across the whole league. 99 99

Famous number 99 in hockey?

Wayne Gretzky is the only person to have ever worn a jersey with number 99.

Where is Wayne Gretzky's jersey retired?

the number "99" is retired in the NHL. the number "99" is retired in the NHL.

Which cricket players has jersey number 99?

Sourav Ganguly

What was Wayne Gretzky's jersey number for the Edmonton Oilers?


What Buffalo Bills have wore the jersey number 99?


What jersey number did George Mikan wear for the Lakers?

No. 99

What is the highest number that can appear on a players jersey in basketball?


Why did Mario Lemieux chose his jersey number 66?

It's Wayne Gretsky's jersey number (99) upside down

Which famous soccer players have worn the jersey number 99?

It is Vines.

What famous NFL players wore number 99?

warren sapp

What NFL players wore or have worn jersey number 99?

Just a couple basically of this current generation are Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay, Oakland) and Jason Taylor (Miami, Washington).

What is the history behind the hockey number 99?

Number 99 was Wayne Gretzky's jersey number. There were others before him, but there will not be any after. Wayne's number 99 was the first and I believe only number to be retired by NHL. A lot of players have their number retired by their teams, but his was the first, number 99, to be retired by the League.

Who was the last player to wear the number 99 jersey before Brett Keisel?

levon kirkland

What is the biggest number you can make by multiplying 24 and a 2 1-digit number?

24 x 99 = 2376

What Green Bay Packer wore the 99 jersey?

Jerel Worthy wears the 99 jersey. He is a defensive end.

What is the biggest number you can make by multiplying with 24 and 2 digit?

24 x 99 = 2376