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The Number of the Beast is described in the Book of Revelation In the Greek manuscripts, the Number is rendered in Greek numerical form or sometimes literally as "six hundred and sixty-six.

Scholars such as Dr. Ellen Aitken have speculated that the reference to this passage was a way of speaking in code about then contemporary figures about whom it would have been politically dangerous to criticize openly.

Many scholars believe that 666 refers to a Roman Emperor such as Nero (whose name, written in Aramaic, was valued at 666, using the Hebrew numerology of gematria, a manner of speaking against the emperor without the Roman authorities knowing). AnswerCertainly, the number is believed to refer in code to a Roman emperor or some other enemy. Thus, it is politically and not divinely inspired. However, some early manuscripts give the number of the beast as 616. Either way, it can't really be called the "devil's number". Answer:The reason for the difference in the "number of the beast": In some of the early translations of Revelation from one language to the next, the numerology changed.


There is another interpretation of 666 (well, ok, really there are thousands depending on how creative you get): 666, being the number 6 repeated 3, could be a representation of man (created on the 6th day) perfected (the numbers 3 and 7 frequently allude to the idea of completion or perfection).

This could be literal, in that the "perfected man" is a beast (without knowledge or wisdom as in the first days, prior to eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge) or that the Antichrist (more accurately antichrists) will view themselevs as being perfected and use this as justification for their attack on God.

Though, as I alluded to before, 666 is one of the most enigmatic numbers in Christianity, with no correlation to anything else within The Bible, and so assumes that the people reading this would be "in on the secret": this could be a concealed name (as mentioned above), some key symbol in a mystical/magical/occult tradition, or could just be someone pulling a number out of thin air and watching people rationalize it.

It might mean nothing at all.

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cause they couldnt make it 69 and because all other 665 numbers were being used

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Mark of the Beast

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Q: Why is 666 considered to be the devil's number?
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