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Technically you can steal home if the ball goes behind the catcher or something. You can attempt to steal home if the catcher is there but it wouldn't be the smartest thing to do because they would just tag you out.

/// The above answer is completely wrong. Of course you can steal home! If there is a passed ball or wild pitch-- that isn't a steal, that's scoring on an error!//

A steal of home is exciting, but rarely done in modern Baseball. In contrast, Ty Cobb stole home 54 times!

The classic or "pure" steal is where the runner steals with no help from the batter. For example, if the runner notices the pitcher is not holding him close and/or the 3rd baseman is way off the bag, the runner can get a walking lead or a large secondary lead and then take off as the pitcher is still winding up and then try to score. The element of surprise often makes this successful.

Note that there are 28 ways or situations in which a runner on 3rd can score in baseball. This is just 1 of them.

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Q: Why in baseball can't you steal home?
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