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He didn't return at The Royal Rumble because he has an injury on his shoulder. He is said to Return Before Wrestlemania 27

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Q: Why has the undertaker not returned in royal rumble 2011?
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Will the Undertaker return at Royal Rumble 2011?

The Undertaker will be returning someone in 2011. It is unknown when he will be returning.

Will undertaker be back at bragging rights 2011 or the royal rumble 2012?

Undertaker will be back at royal rumble 2012 at number 40 and after winning it he will headline wrestlemania

Will The Undertaker Return in2011?

he will return and win royal rumble 2011

What will happen at Royal Rumble 2011?

i think that the undertaker will win the royal rumble damn! Well no one knows what will happen probely HBK will come in a shock at royal rumble

Who is number 40 entrance at royal rumble 2011?

undertaker or triple h

Will the undertaker win the royal rumble 2011?

No as he won't have recovered from his injury in time.

Who will return royal rumble 2011?

Maybe Triple H or undertaker. 70% triple h,30% undertaker. but surely somebody will return. oops!undertaker not!triple h not! Booker tand kevinash is returning to the royal rumble 2011

Will the undertaker return to the WWE?

he willl return in the royal rumble in 2011 or wrestlemania 27 in 2011

Who is going to return to WWE 2011?

deisel because deisel returned at the 2011 royal rumble

Is Triple H coming back tonights Royal Rumble 2011?

Triple H didn't come back on Royal Rumble, but he returned on Raw February 21, 2011.

Is undertaker really dead after bragging rights?

no he has broke his soulder and he will return and win royal rumble 2011

Is undertaker in the 2011 royal rumble?

There is no guarantee but most of WWE Universe expects Undertaker's return at Royal Rumble wrestling pay per view. In fact, Undertaker needs to appear in Royal Rumble to get back into his form. As we already know, he was failed in for that last couple of months against his brother The big red monster Kane. However, The Undertaker definitely clears route for WrestleMania XXVII pay per view in order to protect his Undefeated WrestleMania streak. So, Undertaker might show his domination by appearing in this wresting pay per view. There is possibly Undertaker to win the 2011 Royal Rumble main event.

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