Why has ipl matches become controversial?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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itz beause money poured in ipl matches and the availability of players for inter national matches is a concern...

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Q: Why has ipl matches become controversial?
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What is the number of matches in dlf ipl?

60 matches in the ipl between 8 teams

How many matches will be played in Dlf Ipl matches?

30 matches

What are the number of matches won by kolkata knight riders in ipl 2010nd lose in IPL 2010?

Matches Won -7 Matches Lost -7

Are IPL matches considered as international Twenty20 Cricket matches?

NO IPL matches not considers as International Matches because it is Domestic league of India where foreign players allowed to play.

When the ipl matches were started?


Why IPl teams were made?

IPL teams are made to keep the matches of that teams.

How many matches do each team play in ipl?

14 matches

Where can one find live scorecards for the IPL cricket matches?

Match Time - Watch IPL matches LIVE at the site in the Related Links.

Which IPL team lost all its home matches in IPL 2008?

Deccan Chargers.....

How many matches do each team play in ipl 4?

A team played at least 14 matches in IPL 4.If they qualify for the play offs,then if they will play about 15-17 matches.

How many matches each team plays in ipl 2012?

14 matches

How many matches will the winning team play in the ipl 2011?

Team winning the IPL 2011 was Chennai Super Kings which played 16 matches.