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It's there to give the players and the rest of the team some time to rest and see their families during the football season.and to train.

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Probably because the players are going on break. So, usually when someone goes on break, before they leave, they tell people around them"Goodbye" or just "Bye".

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Q: Why exactly is there a BYE week in the NFL?
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B.u.y week in NFL football?

No such thing as a B.U.Y week in the NFL. Did you mean BYE week? A bye week is when the team doesn't play that week. Every team has a bye week. Starts a few weeks into the season.

What NFL teams have a bye this week?

patriots and colts and dolphins

What is a BUY Week in the NFL?

i think you mean a BYE week. it just means an off week for the team.

How many nfl teams take a by week in the regular season?

Every team has one bye week during the season.

What NFL teams have a bye week 4 in 2009?

Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Philadelphia Eagles. Week 4 is the first of the bye weeks in the 2009 season.

What NFL team has the most regular season?

All NFL teams play sixteen games in a seventeen game regular season. Each team gets one "bye week," a free week off.

Is there a second round bye in the nfl playoffs?

There is no bye in the Divisional (2nd round) playoff games. The first and second seeded teams in each conference each get a bye week in the Wildcard (1st) round of the playoffs.

What year was the bye week put between the championship games and the Super Bowl?

In 2002. This was because 9/11 made the NFL reschedule everything and now they just use the bye.

What is Fantasy Football Bye Week?

In the NFL, a 'bye' is a week when the team does not play. There are 17 weeks in an NFL regular season although teams only play 16 regular season games. Each team has one week during the regular season when they do not play. This week is called the team's 'bye week'. What he said xp

What is BYE in nrl?

A bye in sports is the position of a participant in a tournament who advances to the next round without playing This information is taken form

Who was the last player in the NFL to play in all 17 weeks of the regular season?

Randy Moss was traded to Minnesota after they completed their bye week & before New England had their bye week, so if he doesn't get injured, he will play all 17 weeks in the 2010 season.

What are the release dates for Kendra - 2009 Bye-Bye Bye Week 3-6?

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