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they are in the Olympics.

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Q: Why don't you ever see Acrobatic Gymnastics on TV?
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Is there judges for gymnastics?

The answer to that is yes. there are judges in gymnastics. if you have ever watched a gymnastics moving you will see sometimes there are judges. There are always judges in the big competitions.

When was gymnastics formed?

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What is aerobic gymnastics?

Aerobic gymnastics (aka Sport Aerobics) looks somewhat similar to a floor exercise, but "is the ability to perform continuously complex and high-intensity movement patterns to music...with a high degree of perfectly executed elements of difficulty." It can be performed solo or with more than one athlete. Some movements that would be used in other gymnastics are banned - like handsprings and acrobatic flips. See Related Links.

Seesaw in gymnastics?

There is no see-saw in gymnastics, but there are many more fun things to do!

Is gymnastics played at an international level?

Yes, you can see footage from gymnastics in the 2008 Olympics on youtube.

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Where can you be in gymnastics?

It depends, most areas have gymnastics centers around but you would have to look up a map of where you live and see.

Can you do gymnastics when you are over 11?

Yes you see people in the Olympics doing gymnastics where the minimum age is 16 years.

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