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B/c the cables are connected to a thingy called a rotor/gyro/detangler that sits like a collar between the bars and the frame. Half the rotor/gyro/detangler will rotate with the bar while the other half stay in place while still being able to transfer cable pull across the part.

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Q: Why don't bmx brake cables get tangled?
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Is the bmx GT Fly a V brake or a U brake?

It's a U-brake

Should you take your front brake off of your bmx bike?

No it's pointless unless you have a race bmx which doesn't have a front brake anyway

How do you make a bmx brake better?

clean rims with rubbing alcohol and brillo pad/scotch briteget new brake padshave a look at your cabling, cables and cable sheaths should be as short as possible while still making smooth bends.

Is a stolen bmx bike good?

its good for the price and the frame is strong but the brakes are weak

How do you get more cable for your bmx brakes?

You buy bicycle brake cables, either from a bicycle store, or from an internet source. If you need to be told this you probably need to be told how to install them as well, so go look at, or

Does the BMX bike has breackes?

most bmx bikes dont have front brakes now ans if you pedal backward and it has pedal brakes its not a bmx bike

What is a bmx gyro?

It's a thing that sits below the handlebar and is connected to the brake wires. WIth a gyro you can turn the handlebar a full turn w/o the brake wires getting all tangled up.

Was bmx racing ever limited to one gender?

i dont think so. im quite a bmx enthusiaste. but id dont think that was many bmx girl riders until now. there now starting to come in to the sport

Can you do a endo on a bmx?

Pull your front brake or put your foot in the backk of the tire.

Will you brakes fit v brake mounts?

if this is about a BMX - then no. The distance from the pivots to the brake track on the rim is wrong. The width may be off too.

How do you put the break cables on a bmx bike?

Too many steps to answer here, go to, or for more.

How many countries race bmx?

I dont know ask jeeves :)