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One possible answer is your foot is hitting the ground. If your foot is hitting the ground at an sideways angle (i.e. the outside or inside sides of your foot are hitting the ground first) then it could put strain on your feet and calves causing pain. The best way to fix it is to get new shoes (some stores have machines that can find good shoes to fix the problem) or to go to an orthopedist.

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It tends to hurt due to the build up of lactic acid in the muscles (due to anaerobic respiration). There is also an off chance that you have pulled/strained a muscle in the calf which can cause pain. However, if you stretch properly before your run the chance of you being in pain afterwards will greatly reduce.

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Q: Why does your calf muscle hurt after running for a few miles?
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Why does spinning exercise hurt calf muscle?

if you are spinning on your toes or with your toes pointed, the calf muscle is hurting because it is being used and is probably cramping or becoming fatigued

Why does your calf hurt?

You might have cancer, fasciitis, or simply a strained muscle. A doctor can help you decide.

Does a tattoo on calf muscle hurt?

Whether or not it hurts depends on your tolerance of pain. That said, getting a tattoo on a muscle is the least painful place to get one.

Can you pull a muscle in your stomach from running?

i think you can but I'm not sure. running only works ur lower body but it is possible to hurt your stomach when ur running

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Why do your calf muscles hurt after a 240v shock?

in simple, strenuous activity on a muscle like excersizing or an extreme contraction due to an electric shock tears the muslce, the pain you feel is the healing process.

How do you hurt a muscle?

yes you can hurt your muscles

How do you run long distance without having your calf muscle hurt quickly?

There are a few precautions to take: 1) First of all, you should not be running long distances if you did not gradually (over many weeks/months) increase the distance you are running. If you try to dramatically increase the distance you run in a short time period, your risk for injury of all types will go up - including calf injury. 2) you should be adequately stretched out before you run - in this case stretch your gastrocnemeus (calf) as well as your soleus (muscle under the calf). to stretch your soleus, bend your knee before leaning forward with your foot flat. 3) Do your long run on a surface that you are trained for. If you are used to running on the cinder grinds of a track, then try to run long distance on road pavement, you will be more likely to feel calf pain. 4) Be sure your running shoes are appropriate for your feet and your gait. Also be sure your running shoes are not too old. Old shoes lose shock absorbing ability. 5) Proper Biomechanics. This is very complex and beyond ability to convey in written form. 6) Be sure you have had sufficient rest prior to running long distance. Good luck!

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