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it is from New Jersey

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Q: Why does the jersey devil only land in New Jersey?
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Did the jersey devil live in Pittsburgh?

no the jersey devils only lived in new jersey that is why it is called the JERSEY devil.

Is there such thing as a jersey devil in New Jersey?

yes there are only 8 in existence

How did the New Jersey devils get their name?

In New Jersey, there is large portion of pine tree forests called the Pine Barrens. Local legend tells of the New Jersey Devil, a large devil-like monster (like the mothman) who is said to live in the pine barrens and has for centuries. The New Jersey Devil is a big legend in NJ, so it's only fitting the team would be called the New Jersey Devils.

Do jersey display cases only hold one jersey?

Jersey display cases are a must for any sports memorabilia collector. Jersey display cases can only showcase one jersey at a time.

Who is the only Pittsburgh Penguin to have his jersey retired?

The only Penguin to have their Jersey retired is Mario Lemieux.

How many states have a town named Jersey City?

Only New Jersey.

Where do Condor Jersey ferries sail to?

Condor Jersey ferries sail to Jersey, France, Guernsey, St Malo, and the United Kingdom. These are the only places that the Condor Jersey ferries sail to.

Where is danscomp in New Jersey?

danscomp is only in Mt.Vernon, Indiana, there is no danscomp in New Jersey.

How do you get to the clutch of eggs on cryptids island?

There are only broken shells in the nest of the Jersey Devil. But you can get to them by using the grappling hook -- it is all the way to the right in the attic.

Are there any holidays celebrated just in New Jersey?

No not only in New Jersey in our places to for example CHINA

Do you have to be itailian to go on jersey shore?

yes you do have to be Italian to be on jersey shore. it is only for Italians

Do Sea turtles Live in New Jersey?

Only if they can't afford to move. New Jersey's a dump.

Can you collect unemployment if you move to New Mexico from New Jersey?

You can collect unemployment from New Jersey only if you qualified for it in New Jersey, but not merely for the fact you moved to New Mexico

Did Rhode Island oppose the New Jersey Plan?

no. ohio was the only state who opposed the New Jersey Plan

What is the distance between New Brunswick New Jersey and Jersey City New Jersey?

just take I95 north for about 30 miles. should only take about a half hour.

What baseball players wore jersey 29?

Joe Carter is the only baseball player ever to wear jersey #29.

Are empty tow trucks allowed on the New Jersey turnpike?

Only if they're responding to a call on the New Jersey turnpike.

What does the New Jersey Turnpike do?

The New Jersey Turnpike is a toll road in the New Jersey Area. It has numerous exits with some dedicated to only cars, buses or trucks and has become iconic in America.

What is the adjective in this sentence - Joe has four sisters that live in New Jersey?

The adjective is "four." But it should be "who live in New Jersey" (people), and if it means he has only four sisters and all of them live in New Jersey, there should be a comma after sisters. Otherwise it can mean that he has more, and only four live in New Jersey.

Who is a president of the us that was born is New Jersey?

The only U. S. President born in New Jersey to date was Grover Cleveland.

When Dan Marino's jersey number 13 was retired by the Dolphins in 2000 what was the only jersey number previously retired by the team?


How many Ivy League colleges are there in New Jersey?

There is only one Ivy League college in New Jersey: Princeton University.

How much is a Lou Gehrig authentic jersey?

Wow! A Gehrig autographed game used jersey would be worth $800! Meahnwhile, a non game used, Gehrig signed jersey might only be $300.

What kind of trees are in Jersey City only?


How many Toronto Maple Leaf players wore the 13 on their jersey and what were their names?

there are over twenty but only three wore 13 on their jersey

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