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it could be a default voltage regulator

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Q: Why does the headlight on your 1987 Yamaha snowmobile keep burning out?
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What is the weight of a 1987 Yamaha 15 hp outboard?

The dry weight of a 1987 model, 15 hp Yamaha outboard is 85 lbs.

What year was the Yamaha warrior first made?

The first year the Yamaha Warrior was made was 1987.

How fast does a 1987 Yamaha tw200 go?

about 70mph

What is the spark plug gap and valve setting for a 1987 Yamaha 350 big bear ATV?

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1987 yamaha big bear

Where is the headlight relay located on a 1987 fiero gt?

There are two relays. Each one screwed to the headlight frame.

Will a starter off a 1987 Yamaha 350 moto fit on a 1998 Yamaha 350 warrior?

if the 87 is a warrior yes

What is crankcase capacity of a 1987 Yamaha 350 warrior?

The crankcase capacity of the 1987 Yamaha 350 is 2.5 quarts. 2.0 quarts will go into the crankcase and .05 quarts will go into the oil filter.

How do you change the headlight in a 1985 Honda Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade?

How would you change the headlight bulb in a 1987 Honda goldwing? GL1200

Will a 2000 Yamaha yz250 engine fit in a 1987 Yamaha 100?

Probably not, they are different sized frames and the mounts would be diffent.

What size chain does a 1987 Yamaha warrior use?

Stock 145

What is the size of the fuel tank on a 1987 Yamaha virago 750?

The fuel tank on the 1987 Yamaha Virago 750 holds about 2.3 gallons of gas. This bike is a cruiser with an air cooled four stroke engine.

Where can you find a headlight schematics for a 1987 Volvo 240?

Haynes has a good one

When was Tired Eyes Slowly Burning created?

Tired Eyes Slowly Burning was created in 1987.

What does a headlight relay switch look like on a 1987 Honda accord?

The headlight relay switch on a 1987 Honda Accord looks like a small box. The switch is located underneath the engine compartment fuse box.

Why does your 1987 Yamaha warrior smoke so much?

maybe it needs rings

1987 Yamaha big wheel title or registration?

Certificate of origin no title

What are the release dates for Biography - 1987 Al Gore A Burning Ambition?

Biography - 1987 Al Gore A Burning Ambition was released on: USA: 25 June 1997

On 1987 Corvette why will headlight not go back down is this a vacuum problem?

If a 1987 Corvette headlight cover will not go back down, it could be a vacuum problem. The mechanism could also be corroded by rust if it has been up for some time.

Does the 1987 Yamaha Phazer have electric start?

It was an option. Some had it and some didn't. Colaman

What is the fuel mixture for a 1987 Yamaha 40 hp outboard motor?


What year is your Yamaha Yz490 Vin jya2hj00xha000645?

This is a 1987 Model. The original color was white.

What is a warrior 350?

A 350 four stoke fourwheeler made by yamaha, from 1987-2004.

Why will not my Head lights will not pop up on your 1987 trans am?

Electric headlight motors need replaced.

How do you turn on the headlight wiper blades on a 1987 Mercedes 300 d?

They turn on when you wash the windshield.

Were is the drain plug on a 1987 Yamaha tt 225?

it is on the side of the motor just under the shifter