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your late on the ball. your waiting for it to come in to far before you hit it, if you swing a split second earlier it will go towards center or left.

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Q: Why does the ball always go toward first base when hit?
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Did ball players ever run toward third base instead of first base when baseball first began?

When Alexander Cartwright devised the rules of the game that were eventually accepted, the batter always ran to first base after hitting the ball.

In baseball if you hit the ball and you are running to first base and the pitcher puts the ball on any other base besides first base are you out'?

No, they have to touch first base.

Definition of play first in softball?

It's a play where in the fielder throws the ball to 1st base to get the batter-runner out. This play is always done when there are no runners on base.

In baseball if you hit the ball and running to first base the pitcher grabs the ball and puts it on any base besides the first base are you out?

No you are not out unless you were heading to the base he tagged

What is towards the noun?

No, the word 'towards' (or toward) is a preposition, a word that connects a noun or a pronoun to another word in the sentence.Examples:He hit the ball and ran toward first base. (the preposition 'toward' connects the noun 'first base' with the verb 'ran')The road towards town has several gas stations. (the preposition 'towards' connects the noun 'town' to the noun 'road')

If a ball is hit between first and home and hits fair territory first then goes foul before passing first base is the ball considered fair or foul?

That ball would be considered foul. For a ball that passes first or third base to be fair, it must be between the baselines when it passes first or third base.

If a ball lands foul and roles in bounds is it foul?

If the ball lands foul past first or third base the ball is foul regardless of where it rolls. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls fair before first/third base, the ball is fair. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls foul past first/third base, the ball is foul. If the ball is touched while it is in foul territory before reaching first or third base it is considered foul and vise versa if it is touched in fair territory. Otherwise whether it is fair or foul is determined by where the ball stops. ** if the ball hits any part of 1st or 3rd base it is a fair ball

Why do baseball players run the bases counter clock wise?

because most people are right handed and when they hit the ball the run straight to first base...if you ran toward third base, you would have to turn backwards!!

When was the first base ball game?

it was in 2000

What base is always a force out?

First base.

What coordinating conjunction is used to join sentences that contrast with each other?


What is in-field play in softball?

Well for example: If a runner is on first and second, and the batter hits the ball, the force play is at third base because the lead runner is forced to run to third due to the runners behind him/her.