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Because they love art

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Q: Why does the Baltimore Ravens have an art sticker on their jersey?
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When did the Baltimore Ravens come to Baltimore?

The Baltimore Ravens came to Baltimore in 1996 originally as the Cleveland Browns through owner Art Modell.

What team did the ravens use to be?

While officially an "expansion team" the Baltimore Ravens were created when Art Modell moved the then Cleveland Browns to Baltimore.

When were the Baltimore Ravens formed?

In 1996 after owner Art Modell moved the Browns franchise to Baltimore.

Who died for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Ravens lost longtime owner Art Modell at the start of the 2012 season. His wife Patricia Modell preceded him in death by just 11 months. The Ravens 2012 team wore a black circle with "Art" in white letters in it on their uniforms for the regular and playoff seasons.

What year did the Cleveland Browns go on hiatus from the NFL?

In 1996, owner Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore, changing their name to the Ravens.

Where did the team Baltimore Ravens originate from?

The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996 after stadium issues with the city of Cleveland. Cleveland was allowed to keep the "Browns" intellectual property, name, team colors, etc. The players, farnchise, and owner (Art Modell) moved to Baltimore. The name "Ravens" was chosen as the winner of a name the team contest, to pay homage to Edgar Allen Poe who was born in Baltimore. In 1999 the NFL awarded Cleveland an expansion team. That team assumed the name "Cleveland Browns" and continued play with all the team records and history of the franchise that moved to Baltimore.

Who is the owner of Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens were made when the Cleveland Browns decided to relocate to Baltimore. Baltimore had been upset that the Baltimore Colts had relocated to Indianapolis, and kept their team name and colors. So when Cleveland moved to Baltimore, they started new traditions with a new team name and uniforms. This allowed Cleveland to keep their team name and colors, when they eventually got a team again.

How did the Baltimore Ravens become Baltimore?

During the 1995 NFL season, Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell announced his intention to move the team to Baltimore for financial reasons. The team began playing as the Baltimore Ravens during the 1996 regular season. The NFL made arrangements to bring another team to Cleveland, starting with the 1999 season. The Browns' history, records and uniform colors were held over for the new Cleveland franchise.

Who was ravens first coach?

Ted Marchibroda was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 1995 when owner Art Modell announced that he would be relocating the franchise to Baltimore to become the new Baltimore Ravens for the 1996 season. Marchbroda presided over 2 losing seasons for the Ravens before being fired, and former Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator Brian Billick was hired as the second Ravens Head Coach for the 1998 season. He led the Ravens to their first Super Bowl victory (Super Bowl XXXV) just 2 years later.

What is Art Modell most known for?

Art Modell is most known for owning 2 NFL franchises. These were the Cleveland Browns which he owned from 1961-1995 and then the Baltimore Ravens from 1996-2004. He died in September 2012, aged 87.

Who was the ravens first backup Q-B?

The Raven first backup QB was Eric Zeier. Zeier, along with Ravens starter Vinny Testaverde, were both original Browns who moved with Art Modell when he relocated the franchise to Baltimore in 1996.He played through the 1998 season.

What is the web address of the Baltimore Museum Of Art in Baltimore Maryland?

The web address of the Baltimore Museum Of Art is: