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Q: Why does the 2012 olympic torch look like it does?
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What will the 2016 olympic torch look like?

it will have the statue from rio on it

What does the olympic torch look like?

It depends on the games, each Olympic games has a different design for the torch. this year it is a triangle. it has 8000 holes 2 represent the ppeople who r carrying it

What does the London Olympic Torch look like?

It looks the same no matter what country because they try to keep some things the same as they were when only the Greeks had the olympics

How does the Olympic Torch Work?

Look on the website for an excellent explanation. -

Do they look at your childhood times in the Olympics?

NO, They do not. They look at your Olympic Trials time which it like a tryout for the Olympic team.

What does Statue of Liberty look like?

It looks like a Greek woman holding a torch.

What does the Olympic park look like?


What does the olympic gold medal look like?

A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

What does Brazil's Olympic flag look like?

hi Brazil olympic flag is .......

Does the old olympic flag look like the simpsons?


What does a 2010 olympic mascot look like?

a dog

What does the torch look like in A Christmas Carol?

The torch is carried by The Ghost of Christmas Present is is claimed to be Cornucopia torch which is a torch in the shape of the Horn of Plenty and when he sprinkles the magic within the torch on the people he watches, they are filled with the kindness and cheer that is associated with the spirt of Christmas.

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