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Q: Why does ray Allen wear a arm band?
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Does Ray Allen have any tattoos?

Yes Ray Allen has a tattoo on his arm. I'm just kidding. Ray Allen has no tattoos.

What NBA players wear number 20?

Ray Allen Ray Allen

What size of shoe does Ray Allen wear?

Ray Allen wears a size 14 to 15

What number did Ray Allen wear in college?


What NBA players wear 20?

Ray allen!

Why does ray Allen wear a shooting sleeve?

ray wears a shooter sleeve to stop defenders from scratching his arm after Rip Hamilton did so several times in the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals


Ray Lewis doesn't wear a wedding band because he doesn't need one.

What of shoes does ray Allen wear?

he wears the jordan icons

What are those white things on ray allen's arm?

They protect his arm from getting stracthed up by fingernails or anything else from another player.

What shades does Jay-Z wear in Run This Town?

Ray band

What is Ray Allen's full name?

Ray Allen's full name is Walter Ray Allen.

What is the birth name of Allen Ray?

Allen Ray's birth name is Allen Edward Ray.

What is ray allen's full name?

Ray Allen's full name is Walter Ray Allen.

Who is better Allen Iverson or Ray Allen?

Ray allen was better

Why does ray Allen wear 20?

Ray Allen or Walter Ray Allen, Jr. is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. His original number is #34 in the team Bucks and Supersonics then he became #20 because his birthday is July 20.

What shoes did Ray Allen wear in game 3 of NBA finals?

Jordan tgmi

Is ray Allen adopted?

Ray Allen was no adopted

Is Ray Allen a Muslim?

Ray Allen is a Muslim

How did ray ray broke his arm?

he dislocated his arm

Who is better Ray Allen or Steve Francis?

ray Allen

What is ray Allen's real name?

Walter Ray Allen.

Who is better chauncey biilups or ray Allen?

ray allen

What is ray allen's real name?

Walter Ray Allen.

What shoes did Ray Allen wear in He Got Game?

Nike air foamposite pro (Pearl)

Why does carmelo Anthony cover his tattoos on his left arm?

It's a shooting sleeve, a lot of players wear them.Fun Fact: Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) wears a shooting sleeve on one arm during the regular season and a sleeve on both arms in the playoffs.