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Q: Why does pumping more air into a basketball increase the pre inside the ball?
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Why does pumping a soccer ball with an air pump increase the pressure inside the ball?

Pumping pushes more air molecules into the ball. That makes more molecules moving around inside of the ball and more molecules colliding with the inside of the ball. All of those collisions (trillions and trillions) push the inside of the ball out. When the temperature is increased, the molecules move faster. Faster molecules collide with the inside walls more frequently, which also increases the pressure. You can test this by pumping up a ball then putting it into the freezer and see what happens to the pressure.

Why does the basketball have greater pressure than the beach ball?

There are more particles of gas in the basketball than in the beach ball. So, more particles hit the inside surface of the basketball than hit the inside surface of the beach ball. When more particles hit the inside surface of the basketball, the force on the inside surface of the ball increases. This increased force leads to greater pressure, which makes the basketball feel harder than the beach ball. Hope this helps :)

How does air get in a basketball from sunlight?

Air does not get in the ball. The air inside the ball expands when it gets warmer.

Explain what happens inside the ball when you pump a flat basketball?

The inside of the ball becomes filled with the air you pump in, thus inflating the ball and turning it from a flat ball to a round one.

How would the temperature effect the bounce of a basketball?

The temperature of a room will effect the amount a ball will rebound (bounce) off the floor, off a backboard or rim. If a basketball is filled with air to the regulation pressure and then it is moved to a room with a higher temperature, the ball will soon start to bounce more. Alternatively if you move it a cooler room it will bounce less. This is because: Pressure = Volume x Temperature. As the temperature rises (assuming there is no leak in the ball to allow the volume of air to escape) the pressure on the inside of the ball will increase, this will increase the bounce of the ball. If, instead of the temperature rising, it decreases the pressure on the inside of the ball will go down and the bounciness of the ball will go down as well.

Why does a flat basketball seem inflated when warmed?

Because the heat causes the air inside the basketball to expand, which increases the pressure in the ball.

Why does pumping more air into a basketball increase pressure inside the ball?

The pressure is increased because more gas particles are added into the ball which crowds them, thus increasing the pressure.

IS basketball is indoor game or outdoor game?

Basket ball, can be played both inside and outside.

Why does the pressure inside a basketball increase when you bounce it on the floor?

the number of molecules changes

What makes a basketball bounce higher?

when more pressure is applied to a basketball the ball bounces higher. your strength matters. if your strong, you throw the ball on the ground with all your might it will go very high. air inside the ball also matters. if 3/4 of the ball or less is full the ball will barely bounce. in fact there are chances it will not bounce at all no matter how strong you are. you need to make sure that the ball is full of air if you want it to bounce

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.