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Q: Why does match of the day take days for it to be on BBC player?
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Why aren't Match of the Day on BBC iPlayer?

match of the day should be on the bbc iplayer very soon.

Can one find football results via the BBC website?

After a match there will be a headline that you can click to take you to that days games and scores. If you are looking for past scores then checking out that teams official site will be the best way to get the exact numbers.

What is the site for match of the day games?

BBC Sport website.

What is the next live football match on the BBC?

after a thousand years by by by

What BBC Sports Programme started 1958?

match of the day

Have the BBC ever shown a live Premier League football match?


Where can one find reruns of BBC rugby matches?

One can watch reruns of BBC rugby matches by using the BBC iPlayer. Matches are usually available for seven days after they take place although some are kept on archive for longer.

Where can one watch football goal highlights online?

One can watch football goal highlights online via the Match of The Day part of the BBC website. One may also watch football highlights on both the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Player.

How old is the youngest BBC football player?

The youngest player named by the BBC is a Scottish native by the name of Scott Robinson. Scott joined a game on 26 April 2008 as a substitute being only 16 years, 1 month and 14 days old.

When was the first BBC TV program?

match of the day followed by little Britain

Who used to host The One Show and Match of the Day 2 on the BBC?

Adrian Chiles

Does match of the day show in Scotland?

Yes, at 10:30 on BBC 1 on matchday. If there is a match in the Scottish cup then sportscene takes it's place and match of the day is shown later.