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Q: Have the BBC ever shown a live Premier League football match?
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What is the current English Premier League song shown during Matchday Scores?

Fire - Kasabian

What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football match?

propose dance streak costume/paint wave

What was the first football match on tv in colour in the UK?

The first match shown was a friendly between Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves at Highbury, on 16th September 1937.

What is the highest numbers of red card given in a football match?

The highest number of red cards shown in a match was 36 red cards, all players, substitutes and staff were shown red cards.The match was played between two Argentinean clubs, the previous record is 33 red cards.

What times does football on Sky come on in the UK?

Football is shown depending on what is going on in the league on Sky in the United Kingdom. Currently, there is a game on Sunday at 11:30 in the morning.

Can you show a yellow card to a player before the game in the changing rooms?

No, a yellow card cannot be shown before a Football Match although a red card can be shown before a match if the player(s) is being violent or be a total ***hole. I hope i helped HC16

What sport does EPL represent?

EPL represents the sport of soccer. It stand for the English Premier League. It had been shown in America on FOX Sports for many years and recently moved to NBC.

Who are some of the pundits on BBC's 'Match of the Day' show?

Match of the Day is the BBC's main football program. The show is mostly shown on BBC One on Saturday evenings during the English football season. The show is typically joined by 2 pundits named Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson.


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Who is the ugliest football player in the English premiership?

The ugliest player to have ever graced English football was Ian Dowie however, statistics have shown that the current ugliest player in the English Premier League is in fact Dirk Kuyt.but Jimmy Bullard who currently plays for hull is also very ugly.Type anding Jimmy Bullard soccer am in Google images and you will see him standing in front of a green screen.shocking.

Did match of the day ever play coca cola league highlights?

No, Match of The Day have never shown Coca Cola league highlights. This is because they do not have the rights to them. They only have the rights to the premiership and some international matches. ITV show the Coca Cola highlights usually on a Sunday, the programme is called The Championship.

What can you do to get shown on jumbo screen at a football game?


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