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This could be that your rings are bad or that it is saturating your cylinder walls and going by the rings can figure this out by getting compression test.

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Q: Why does gas mix with oil when trying to start?
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Do you mix gas and oil for a 2001 Yamaha Blaster 200?

The blaster 200 is a 2-stroke, therefore you need to mix the gas and oil, trying running a 50:1 ratio, 50 parts of gas to one part of oil.

Do I mix the gas in my Honda 110 3wheeler?

No, you do not mix oil with the gas as it is a 4 stroke and has an oil resivoir.

Do oil and gas mix?

yes . gas is made from oil..

Do you mix oil with gas for Sears Weedwacker 4 Cycle?

4 cycle means that you do not mix oil with the gas. They will have a place for the oil and a place for the gas seperate. Although, not many weedwackers have 4 cycle engines... 2 cycle engines are the ones that you need to mix oil with the gas.

How do you mix 2 cycle engine oil?

Look on the oil container and the engine that you want to use it in. The engine will tell you what ratio to mix the oil and gas at. The container of oil will tell you what amount of gas should be mixed with it. I have found that the best way is to put the oil into an approved gas can and then add the gas to it. This helps to mix the oil better.

97 250 quadruner mix gas or stright gas?

its a mix of 32-1 oil mix.

Do you mix oil into the gas for a 1979 Yamaha qt50 50cc moped?

In most cases you should not mix oil into the gas of your 1979 Yamaha 50 cc moped. This type of moped had its own oil reservoir. If it is not marked on the gas You do not need to oil with the gas.

Does a 1979 Yamaha qt50 moped require two stroke oil to mix with the gas in order to start?

No it does not mine just started I am by passing the oil injection pump because its broken but it started on just gas no oil

Oilgas mix calls for 6Oz of oil to 2 gallons of gas What if your gas can hold 3.7 gallons how much oil will you need?

dont fill the can put 3 gallons in the can,measured at the pump where you buy it, then add 9 oz of oil. mix it well and you will be good to go so much easier than trying to add oil for the extra .7 of a gallon

Can the 1981 QT50 be ran by mixing the fule in the tank the existing tank has a place for oil and a placefor gas. the oil and gas are mixed at the carb?

If you mix the oil and gas together in the proper mix and do not add oil to the oil resivoir you will be fine.

Do you mix oil into the gas of a Polaris Trail Boss 350 4-stroke?

No, you don't mix oil into the gas of a Polaris Trail Boss 350 4-stroke. It is a 4-stroke engine, and you do notmix oil with the gas.

Do you mix the gas in a kawasaki 400?

You do not mix gas and oil in a kawasaki kz 400 motorcycle.

What is oil gas mix ratio for 20r73 Johnson?

Fuel /oil mix is 50:1

How much oil is in 1 gal of gas if the mix is 50 to 1?

2.5 Ounces it say the mix rate on all 2 stoke oil containers. Add the oil then the gas to get a good mix.

What is gas oil ratio mix for homelite st175?

The mix of fuel to oil ratio is 16:1

What is a 32 to 1 gas oil mix?

every gallon of gas 4 ounces of oil

What is. A 40 to 1 gas and oil mix?

40 ounces of gas to 1 ounce of oil

What is the Oil to gas ratio chart?

2 cycle need to have oil mixed in the fuel to lubricate the engine. divide 128 by the mix ratio and that will give you the amount of oil to mix in one gallon of gas

Do you need to mix gas and oil for a Honda trx250ex ATV?

No, you don't have to mix gas and oil in a Honda TRX 250EX. The engine is a four - stroke and four - strokes don't need to mix. Two- stroke engines (which are on weedeaters, chainsaws etc.) need to mix oil and usually say in the manual or a sticker on the machine how much oil and how much gas you need.

On a yz 100 if oil goes under seat does it get mix gas or regular gas?

If it has a separate place for gas it uses no mix.

How do you mix gas and oil for leaf blower?

Answer Oil Gas MixtureYou need to find out the ratio of gas to the oil you have. It should be on the bottle. Ex. 36:1 this means 36 parts gas to 1 part oil. You then get a separate contianer that you know the volume of and mix according to the ratio your oil asks for. If you use premium gas this mixture will last longer.

What is the forty to one gas to oil mix ratio?

2.6 oz of mix oil to one gallon of gasoline

What is gas to oil ratio for 24cc trimmer?

what is the gas/oil mix for the 24cc weed trimmer by craftsman

Gas oil mix?


Do you have to mix gas and oil on a Tecumseh 5.0 hp boat motor?

If the engine has a dip stick or oil fill plug, so that you can check the crankcase oil level, then it is a 4 stroke engine and no oil / gas mix is required.