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Because it has a soft surface.

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Q: Why does a tennis ball not bounce that much on grass?
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What effects the tennis balls height?

When struck by a tennis racket the factor which effects the ball is how much spin is applied to the ball (more specific top spin) and the surface which you play on. For example: hard courts will bounce alot higher then grass courts.

Will a basketball or tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

i know that a basketball will because if it has nothing in it, it won't bounce. right? but when you put more helium in, it will bounce high. but if you put to much in it, it might explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why differences surfaces affect how high a ball bounces?

Some surfaces absorb the impact of the ball, thus not "reflecting" the force upward. If you try to bounce a ball on a matress it probably won't bounce much, because much of the impact is absorbed by the matress. If you bounce a ball on the street. You will definetely see a much better response. This is because the ground is not very flexible and does not absorb impact, so most of the strength that is put into throwing the ball downwards is returned.

Which tennis ball bounce higher a frozen one or a unfrozen one?

Technically, a frozen tennis ball will not bounce well because of the temperature. The elasticity is one of the factors in which a ball bounces and when things are colder, there isn't as much elasticity, so it will not bounce as well. Therefore, a dry ball (as long as it wasn't frozen in a container) will bounce better than a frozen one.

On which surface does a table tennis ball bounce higher?

flat, because of the root of the ball is lite and the strength of the bumby is out of the range so it is a quarter as much as the flat

How quickly do tennis balls lose their bounce?

Tennis balls bounce because the air pressure inside is higher than the outside pressure. They begin to lose bounce as soon as removed from their pressure can. The alititude where the ball is played will affect the bounce. As they are played, they lose more bounce. Typically, they lose too much bounce to play after about 3 sets of recreational (amateur) tennis, or 8 games of professional tennis.

How come some soccer balls bounce higher than others?

Tennis balls are porous, and will allow water to seep in. The water adds too much weight to the tennis ball, causing it to be too heavy to bounce, in addition to ruining the outer surface of the tennis ball.

Do volleyballs pop?

a tennis ball's bounce depends on what type it is and how much it has been used, A good tennis ball is fuzzy and when you squeeze it in your hand it doesn't let you bend it in that much. Basically when you are looking for a good bouncy ball get one that is fuzzy and is bright, no dirt and what not.

How much is a Australian Open tennis ball?

same as an average tennis ball unless it is signed

How much does a tennis ball weigh in grams?

A standard tennis ball weighs about 56g-58g.

What are the effects of air pressure on volleyballs?

One might compare this to various objects, such as a pillow and a brick. Say you threw a tennis ball against a pillow, it wouldnt bounce very far. However if you threw it at the brick, it would bounce further. By your question i assume you mean to say the effects on how it bounces. So to answer the question, if the ball is flat, it would bounce less, as it is a softer surface, (much like the pillow) and if it is harder, it would bounce more and higher, (much like the ball off of the brick). Not sure if this helped!

Is the bounce of a ball affected by the surface it bounces on?

Its GREATLY affected by the surface it bounces on!If you bounce it on a soft or cushioned surface like a shag carpet, the carpet will absorb a lot of the impact, and the ball will not bounce as high.On the other hand, if you bounce it on concrete, the ball's fall is not cushioned nearly as much, and as a result, bounces much higher.