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Professional players usually glue their own special rubbers on each side of the racket and different rubbers have different effects on the ball. Its regulation to have a black rubber on one side of the racket and red on the other side so that the opponent can tell what kind of rubber the player hit the ball with. (Players usually inspect their opponents rackets before the match begins to determine what kind of rubber is used on each side of their racket)

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This is an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) rule adopted several years ago so an opponent can see which rubber side is being used to strike the ball. Because of the different types of rubber that can do different things to the ball is the main reason for the rule. Reb and black were chosen to make it more uniform was another main reason for the color choice.

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Q: Why does a table tennis racket has only black and red colors?
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What are the two colours of rubber allowed in table tennis racket?

Red and Black

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Since 1 July 1986 the rules of table tennis state that one side of the racket shall be bright red and the other side black.

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Yes. Rule 2.05.07 states that... "A player strikes the ball if he touches it in play with his racket, held in the hand, or with his racket hand below the wrist." This means that all of the following are legal and will constitute a good return. You can hit the ball with ... * the rubber on your table tennis racket, or * the edge of your table tennis racket, or * the handle of your table tennis racket, or * any part of your racket hand below the wrist, including the fingers of your racket hand

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Are players in table tennis allowed to use a red and black paddle?

Since 1 July 1986 the rules of table tennis state that one side of the racket shall be bright red and the other side black.

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