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So he can be distinguished from the rest of his players by, the players on the pitch, the referee and officials and the fans.

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2010-06-14 12:51:24
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Q: Why does a soccer goalie not wear team colours?
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In soccer does the home team wear a white or dark jersey?

Either, it depends on the team colours. the home team wheres their home colours and the away team wear their alternative kit

What number does a soccer goalie wear?


What does a soccer goalie wear?

Soccer goalies usually wear a goalie jersey which is usually bright and a different color than the team so they can tell who the goalie is. The wear regular atheletic shorts or padded goalie shorts or pants.(i prefer pants so you dont scratch up you knees real bad when you fall) they also wear padded goalie gloves so they can catch the ball easier. It is also a good idea to wear a mouthguard too

Does a soccer goalie have to wear different color shirt?

The goal keeper must wear a jersey distinguishable from his team and the opposing team. This is almost always interpreted to mean he must wear a different color.

What football team has all black jerseys?

I assume you Are talking about soccer. The All Whites don't always wear black but when they verse a team away from home and the colours look the same, they wear black.

What do you wear when you play team sports?

you wear the normal equipment for the sport butt you'd have to wear the team Jersey and team colours

Is there a certain cleat that a soccer goalie should wear?

No, a goalkeeper can wear any boot they want, there are no special boot designed for keepers.

What soccer goalie wears the number 13?

Goalkeepers usually wear jersey number one 1.

Can you wear metal cleats in high school soccer?

no, too dangerous, my soccer team cant

Why did cinderella's soccer team always lose?

her soccor team wear high heels

What is the value of a game worn curtis Joseph goalie mask?

Between $1000 - $3500.00, depends on the team and the wear

What color does home team wear in soccer?

The color of the home flag

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