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Between $1000 - $3500.00, depends on the team and the wear

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Q: What is the value of a game worn curtis Joseph goalie mask?
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What is the value of a goalie stick autographed by Curtis Joseph?

well i have an autograhed stick and it was worth 300 dolars .... i got it at an auction.... if you go and buy a goalie stick go to one of his games and stay after the game and wait for him and that is how you will get it signed ... that is how the man at the auction did it

How do you use the word goalie in a sentence?

The goalie really saved the game.

How do you switch your goalie to backup goalie on NHL 2008 during a game?

you go to change line on the pause menu then put your goalie in

How does a hackey game resume after a goalie covers the puck?

the plays continues, with a faceoff in the circle to the left or to the right of the goalie, depending on where the goalie covers the puck.

How do you play as goalie on NHL video game?

You have to own the 360 or PS3 version, go to start menu during game, go down to settings, goalie mode on, or go to be a pro and play as an NHL goalie.

How does a a game of hockey resume after a goalie as cover the puck?

There is a face off on the goalie's team's side of the rink.

Most recent NHL goalie to score?

Patrick Roy scored in 2003 which is the most recent nhl goalie to score in a game and playoff game.

Whats better a bigger goalie or a smaller goalie?

The answer is simple. The taller goalie may take up more space but the smaller one can be better at the game. Its not as much height but skill.

What is the value of an autographed game used goalie stick signed by the Flyers 35 game unbeaten streak team?

== == If it has ALL the team players signatures and is AUTHENTICATED properly, that stick is worth at least $1000. USD.

Can a substituted goaltender reenter the game in hockey?

yes a goalie can reenter a game after being substituted for.

How many players can be on a hockey team?

im pretty sure there should be 24. But only 19 players(Including the goalie) can play on the ice in one game. there can be a backup goalie who replaces the starting goalie

Was there ever an nhl hockey game with no starting goalie?

you my friend, are stupid.