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yes it will because it is not heavy it is light

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because of the wind

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Q: Why does a ping pong ball float in the air with the support of a hair dryer?
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Why does a ping pong float with a hair dryer?

When you point a running hair dryer upward, and place a ping pong ball in the air stream, it will eventually float somewhere above the hair dryer and near the air stream. It stays above the dryer because the drag of the air balances out the ball's 2.7 grams of mass, and near the air stream due to the Bernoulli effect. The Bernoulli effect is the drop in pressure when a fluid's velocity increases; you can demonstrate it by blowing over the top of a piece of paper. It is partly responsible for the lift generated by an airplane's wing. The ball is drawn towards the center of the air stream due to the increasing velocity and the resulting Bernoulli force, but is pushed away by the air glancing off its surface. The ball maintains a position where these forces balance out, perhaps wobbling back and forth so the average forces balance out.

When was the hair dryer invented?

the hair dryer was invented by Alexandre in 1890 but the first had held hair dryer was invented 1971.

What was the hair dryer device used for?

To dry wet hair...(Hint: HAIR DRYER)

Does the hair dryer evaporate water?

Yes, this is the purpose of a hair dryer.

What did the hair dryer allow people to do?

A little obvious, isn't it? Hair-DRYER. It drys your hair.

What is a hair dryer used for?

a hair dryer is basically used to dry wet and damp hair!

Why does your hair get straighter when you use a hair dryer?

The heat from the hair dryer acts like hair straightners i suppose?

Which companies provide hair dryer repair services?

My hair dryer is broken and needs fixing. Where can I find a company that provides hair dryer repair?

Can you melt a CD with a hair dryer?

No, not hot enough. If a hair dryer was that hot it would ruin your hair.

How do you demonstrate Bernoulli's priciple with two ping-pong balls?

You can demonstrate Bernoulli's principle using a hair dryer and one or two Ping-Pong balls. Simply turn on the hair dryer and point it upwards. Then place the Ping-Pong ball in the air stream so it the upward force of the hair dryer balances the force of gravity. The ball will appear to levitate. This demonstrates the Bernoulli principle that fast moving fluids are at a lower pressure than slow moving fluids. Air from the hair dryer is at a lower pressure than the outside air. So a ball that is smaller than the air stream can be balanced in it.