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because it is made of rubber, and a wiffle ball is hollow plastic.

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Q: Why does a lacross a lacrosse ball bounce higher than a wiffle ball?
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Which ball will bounce higher a wiffle ball or a basketball?

most likely a basketball

How much does a wiffle ball weigh?

The approximate weight of a wiffle ball is 20 grams. The wiffle ball is approximately 7.2 cm in diameter also.

Why do wiffle balls have holes in them?

Wiffle balls have holes in them to keep them from going miles and miles away when they are hit by a plastic wiffle ball bat. This can be proven by taping the holes of a wiffle ball closed with athletic tape. The open holes of the wiffle ball create more drag, reducing the balls trajectory.

What rhymes with wiffle?


What is a wiffle ball made of and why?

Wiffle balls are made of plastic because they're safe for children to use.

When was the wiffle ball invented?

Wiffle ball was invented in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1953.

How many holes are there in the original wiffle ball?

There is one hole in a wiffle ball. If two openings meet at the same point, then it constitutes as one hole (i.e. a straw has one hole). Since every opening on a wiffle ball meets at the same point in the middle of the ball, there is one hole in a wiffle ball.

How far can a person hit a Wiffle ball?

The farthest I have ever hit a wiffle ball is 150 feet or so.

What is a junk ball?

a wiffle ball

Where to get good WIFFLE balls?

The best Wiffle balls are the original Wiffle balls made in Shelton CT. They can be purchased at Toys r Us, K-mart, Stop n Shop, CVS, Sports Authority, Modell's, etc.

Who is the owner of LOCO bats?

Heartland Wiffle

Where are wiffle balls made?

a fatory , stupid .

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