Why does a dirt bike smoke?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Not enough air in the mix.

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Q: Why does a dirt bike smoke?
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What if your two stroke dirt bike starts to smoke bad?

If your 2 stroke dirt bike starts to smoke really bad that means you have to much oil in the fuel or the wrong kind of oil. Or the pistons, oil rings or cylinders are badly worn.

What is faster a Honda 250ex or Yamaha 250r?

if they are both 4 wheelers , mmmmm.... i would go with the Honda . If one's a dirt bike , the dirt bike will smoke the 4 wheeler. They may go aboout the same .

Timeline of a dirt bike?

timeline of a dirt bike

What happens if you put dirt bike gas in a car?

It might smoke a little and eventually ruin the fuel system.

How do you know if you have blown a head gasket on your dirt bike?

usually white smoke emptied radiator overheating etc

Where do you get a Dirt bike license?

you do not have to have a dirt bike liscense dumbazz

Who invented the tricks for dirt bikes?

There is not a single dirt bike sportsman who is credited for inventing dirt bike tricks. A lot of dirt bike riding is freestyle.

Can you ride a 70cc dirt bike on the street?

No, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street but you can ride it on a trail or dirt bike track.

What is a dirt bike mlade of?

It's made out of dirt obviously hence the name dirt bike.

What hurts more bike or dirt bike?

depends if you are wearing the protection for a dirt bike that is needed

Who rode the first dirt bike?

who was the first dirt bike rider

When does dirt bike racing start?

when does dirt bike racing start