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Clay or Grass

Just a guess, but softball fields are usually owned or maintained by municipalities with small budgets. Clay requires less maintenance than the manicuring necessary for infield grass. Clay is just plain cheaper than grass.

No, It's because in Baseball the ball comes off the bat faster, so they have grass so they can slow it down. In, softball the ball doesn't come off the bat as fast so they don't need the grass to slow the ball down.
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Q: Why does a baseball infield have grass and softball infield have clay?
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Where can I buy infield clay for my backyard?

Where can I buy infield clay for my backyard on Long Island, New York?

What is a softball fields infield made out of?

dirt Sand && gravel. Some feilds have more clay in infeild than others.

What kind of dirt do baseball teams use on the infield?

Beam Clay,Diamond Pro,Profile...just to name a few.

Why are baseball fields clay and grass?

they're actually dirt and grass and the dirt makes it easier to slide while the grass is well just there.

Where on the field does the short stop play?

in between third and 2nd and just inside the infield clay.

Is Wimbledon played on grass turf or clay?

Real Grass.

What kind of grass grows best in red clay South Carolina?

Tall fescue, Bermuda grass and buffalo grass all does well in clay soils. Bermuda grass is the kind of grass you seem on golf courses and public parks.

What type of surface is tennis played on?

Clay And grass

What other courts can tennis be played on?

Grass and Clay

How do you build a mountain out of clay?

you can roll it and make it stand up put green clay under it for the grass

In Tennis which is faster clay or grass?

Historically, Grass is the fastest of all surfaces and Clay is the slowest. Though, in the last decade Wimbledon has experimented with their surface to slow it down. Big serves were dictating play too much. I also believe that the clay at Roland Garos (French Open) played faster than in years past in '09. With that being said, Grass, even though slower than 10 years ago, and Clay, arguably faster, Grass is still considerably faster than clay.

What is the three surfaces tennisis played on?

clay, grass, and sand

What are the different kinds of courts that tennis is played on?

Asphalt gravel clay grass wood synthetic grass carpet

What kind of dirt is used in a Major League baseball infield?

The "dirt" we see isn't really what I would call dirt. A baseball infield is made up of a special mixture of sand, silt, and clay. (Silt is a natural material halfway between sand and clay as far as particle size is concerned.) There doesn't seem to be any one central source and depends more of the likings of the local groundskeepers. At Fenway Park, they mix in some ground up kitty-litter type stuff to give the infield "dirt" a redder color. Our local AA minor league park has artificial "dirt" made up of ground up automobile tires. Low maintenance and good drainage were what they were looking for around here!

What surface is used to play tennis?

Grass or clay (but some courts are also made of asphalt)Answer:There are a variety of tennis court surfaces. The most common are grass, clay, and concrete with acrylic surfacing.grass, clay, hard (made of asphalt), wood, rubber, and carpet (mainly for indoor use)grass- more speedclay- more bouncehard- more used by populationcarpet- less bounceno rubber and woodAnswer:The most common tennis court surfaces are grass, clay, and hard (concrete). Hard surfaces are usually surfaces with additional material such as an acrylic coating for better play.

Does grass grow better in soil or sand or clay?

Grass will grow in most any soil condition, but not clay. Grass is a plant, and it needs soil to be porous enough that water will be able to flow through; thus it will not grow in pure clay. However soils that have a mixture of loam and clay, or sand and clay, or loam and sand, will be suitable enough for grasses to grow in. But there are many species of grasses, and each species have their own specific conditions they like to grow in or grow best in.

What type of grass grows best in red clay?

the green kind

What did the zulus use to build their huts?

clay+dry grass dino

Is Wimbledon going to be played on blue clay?

No it will always be played on grass.

What a pro tennis courts made of?

hard court clay court sinthetic grass court real grass court. :)

What type of soil does Indian grass grow in?

Indian grass will grow in soils from sand to clay. But will grow its best in sand.

Why do some baseball fields use clay instead of dirt on the field?

Let's start by defining dirt. Clay is dirt, particularly if you live in a state like Ohio where most of the soil contains a lot of clay. If I take a sample in my back yard it's mostly clay. I suspect you live in a state like Florida where most of the soil is very sandy, so dirt to you is more sandy. All infield mix contains some amount of clay. We like to keep it in the 30 to 40 percent range. A lot of fields use a mix that is has to much clay, and that makes them very hard. The reason for having clay in the mix is to keep the surface firm, and allow the ball to bounce correctly. If the baseball dirt is to sandy the ball stops to quickly, and it makes for a boring game. When you say clay you might also be asking about the course material that many field have on top that is normally red. That is brick dust, calcined clay, limestone, or shale. These materials keep infield surface loose in dry weather, and provide better footing after a rain. I'll include a link to my page. I talk about all these things in great depth there.

How do different types of surface affect the way a ball bounces?

I am assuming you are talking about tennis. On a grass surface, the ball will bounce fast. On clay courts, the ball will bounce slower than on grass. On a hard court, the speed of the ball bounce will be in between clay and grass.

When was Bill Clay - baseball - born?

Bill Clay - baseball - was born on 1874-11-23.

When did Bill Clay - baseball - die?

Bill Clay - baseball - died on 1917-10-12.