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Q: Why does Real Madrid go for a strong offense rather than a strong Defence?
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What is a good sentence for the word offence?

The judge may impose a light sentence because this is your first offense. Does your son play offense or defence on the football team? I hope you did not take offence at my husband's rude remarks. The baseball team has strong pitchers, but the offence scored no runs.

Is Deoxys strong?

yes and no he is easly killed and because he has different forms and each form has a meaning in defence mode heas not easly killed but attack is not strong and when hes in attack form hes strong but his defence is terrorbly low so hes strong and weak.

How Strong is the Zambia Defence Force?

15 000

What is your only defence against the Imperious Curse?

Strong will.

Make or mean a strong building for defence?


What do you do in the game of basketball to succeed?

You need a strong defence and offence.

How strong is jaden smith?

Strong enough to pick up he's girlfriend unless she's fat no offense

Is Pheonix Gearfried strong?

yes it is strong with 2800 attk and 2000 def or never mind i forgot defence but im sure its 2000+

Why didn't the Seahawks chose a QB?

they want a strong offence and defence line

Why is erica buckingham in Dwight prison?


How do you stop the Wing-T Offense?

A strong defense with a fast defensive line.

Who is better the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Atlanta Falcons?

Steelers, great defense and strong offense. The Falcons struggle on D and Matt Ryan needs more help on offense.

How do you keep health in Mafia Wars?

Create an incredibly strong mafia and personal defence strength.

Are peptide bonds strong or weak?

Inbetween, rather strong, not very weak

What is palisading?

"Palisading" means "the act of making a palisade, a wall of long strong stakes used as a defence.

Can you be charged with strong arm robbery if you didn't take anything?

Yes, even the Attempt to commit a strong arm robbery is an offense - just the same as you would be charged if you attempted the robbery with a gun but got nothing. It is the felonious assault to commit the robbery which is the offense, not whether it was successful or not.

How does a koala offense?

Koalas aren't usually aggressive but they have strong, sharp claws and teeth to defend themselves.

What is the best weapon in monster hunter freedom unite?

Honestly it is an opinion, if your fighting a monster where its head can be broken and get a reward, use a lance or gunlance. If you want a weapon that helps all hunters on mission use the hunting horn for support, defense, and offense but very heavy. The Dual swords can be used just for full offense and quick strong attacks. The sword and shield a balance of offense and defense but mainly offense. The long bow no defense but very great offense but uses stanima. Hammer is all offense and super strong but no defense great for breaking wings and heads. Great Sword is for defense but strong offense with slow but devastating attacks. The bowgun used for long range and flying monsters and pricey ammo. Bow used for long range too but more complex and needs to press Triangle and Circle to select bow ammunition.

What political position is most important to conservatives in the United States today?

America should have a strong national defence

Which Pokemon is stronger Palkia or Dialga?

They are both strong. It is a tie and Dialga has more Hp (hit points also known as "Life") and has better defence. Palkia has more speed and attack but lower health and defence. They're Base Stat (The total of health, defence attack etc) are both 680.

What are all the positions in football?

OFFENSE Quarterback, running back, wide reicever ,tight end , center, right guard, leftguard,left tackle tackle, fullback ,three back, DEFENCE: middle linebacker ,left linebacker, right linebacker, defencive tackle, nose tackle, defencive end, corner back,strong safety,free safety

What do Republicans think about war?

republicans are for the Iraqi war. strong national offense and if that means we need to go to the the war then we will.

Why is military defense important to Singapore?

military defence is important because without them, Singapore wont be so strong now.

Who created subtle moods rather than strong emotion with his music?


What is a four letter word meaning a strong building for defence?