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He does. Occasionally he will say "Rand University" as a shout-out to his hometown.

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Q: Why does Randy Moss not recognize Marshall as his University?
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What is randy moss's degree in?

Randy Moss did not get a college degree. He left Marshall University after his sophmore season.

How many touchdowns did randy moss have in 1997?

Moss caught 25 TD's for Marshall University.

Did Randy Moss play for Marshall University in 2003?

No, he was drafted in 1998 by the Minnesota Vikings.

What number did Randy Moss wear while playing at Marshall?

Randy Moss wore number 88 at Marshall.

Did Randy Moss briefly attend FSU and Notre Dame?

According to the Patriots bio page, Randy Moss studied Business Administration while at Marshall.

Where did Randy go to college?

He attended Florida State University and Marshall University.

What year did randy moss graduate from Marshall?


When did randy moss go to college?

Nore Dame, Florida St. and then Marshall.

How many Heisman finalists has Marshall had?

2- Randy Moss and Chad Pennington

Why did randy moss slip in the draft?

One reason was that he went to a "lesser" school, Marshall

Who won the Fred Biletnikoff award in 1997?

Randy Moss of Marshall won the award in 1997.

Is this a fair fantasy trade Tim hightower and randy moss for Brandon marshall and ray rice?

No, for the team receiving Ray Rice and Brandon Marshall its a fantastic trade. The team getting Hightower/Moss is getting the shaft.